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Dosen Tetap Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, Unrika


Recently, people communicate by using a language but spekaer of the same langauge mostly do not understand each others if they speak by using their own ‘community language’ which was used in specific area, such as aviation. After happening of tragedy of Sukhoi Super Jet 100 crashed in West Java, Indonesian media brodcasted frequently. Journalists reported the news by using aviation terms which were very difficult for mostly people who do not understand the regsiter of aviation. Therefore, this study focuses on the regsiter used in

Keywords: Register, Aviation and Detiknews

  1. 1. Introduction

Langauge is a too to communicate among human beings. Therefore, the role of language is very important in human daily need. So, language is a tool to transfer information. Langauge itself is as asystem because human communicate in common role in order to make his/her message conveyed. As stated by Wardhaugh (2002) in Risna (2009:1) said “ a language is a system of arbitrary verbal symbol which is used by the members of a speech community as a mean of communication to interact and express their ideas, feelings and thoughts.” Thus, human beings use a language to communicate with others in order to understand other ideas, feelings and thoughts in a speech community. While Ichsanto (2000:1) Language is the cement  of society, allowing people to live, work, and play together, to tell not only the truth but also to tell a lie or lies. So, this interaction will emerge new style in conveying something. Here style of langauge emerges when people want to convey by using various kinds of words used.

As social being, human being lives side by side with other people around hum/her. So, they we talk about language use, they always talk about societies who use it. They make their own community in society. So, they will use their specific terms used. They use their language based on their language needs. There are groups of language styles such as journalist langauge, baby talk, legalese, the language of auctioneers, and sport commentators, the language of the courtroom and classroom are examples of different register. Holmes (2002:276) then states that the language of groups of people with common interest or job, or the language used in situations associated with such groups is called register.